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Your goal is to stop the invading forces of Varl Fask, and you do so by selecting paths through interactive conversation sequences and guiding the girls in real time battles.Based on the heroine you select from the start of the game, the storyline changes.She replaces the bulb-like hair accessories with red tassel-like ribbons.Matching the flashy nature of her attire and the main role of her Emblem Frame, Ranpha is hasty and is naturally the "show off" of the team and doesn't hold back in flaunting her looks and figure.Milfeulle tells them not to worry as luck is always on her side.Her luck puts the three angels in many close calls before defeating the assassins.When they take the missile into their headquarters for investigation, the missile identifies to them as Normad.

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While sorting the trash, Vanilla found something strange, a missile.

Forte Stollen and Ranpha Franboise, part of the Angel Unit, has been sent to a beach resort to find Baron Fitzgerald III (a cat that was heir to a large family fortune).

They find many cats that look like Baron III and capture them.

Ranpha is excited being that the president looks cute, but is astonished when the president actually turns out to be an old man.

As the president gives them a tour of the company, many incidents start to happen. As the Angels try to stop the army of machines, Milfeulle and Ranpha begin to notice a red spaceship always following them.

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