Funny usernames on dating sites

One example of this would be to change not_JK_rowling to n0t_JK_r0wling — you are simply replacing the letter ‘o’ with the number ‘0’. Yet, it’s surprising how many men get into online dating without bothering of picking catchy usernames for dating sites.It needs to be something that you’ll easily remember. And then you need to think about the repercussions of a username …

Describing your job in an interesting way is also a great idea for your introduction.

If you know the town in which a person lives, you can more often than not find them with a name and a rough idea of what they look like.

The online world has made so many things much easier, but one of those things is that people may find you, whom you don’t want to find you.

Pick a crappy username, and your message will get straight into the bin. However, avoid capitalizing all letters, as this will give your username an aggressive look. At first glance, it could seem daunting picking one that has all those features. But such username doesn’t only tell her you’re single.

So, if you really want to make your profile shine, it’s time to learn how to choose a dating site username. Or maybe you have even been guilty of typing a similar username into the text box before hitting next. But it’s actually easy if you use the right strategy. It tells her your life is reduced to eating popcorn in front of a PC monitor while looking for ‘the one’ to come and save you from misery.

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