Fun teen dating group games

“It’s important to recognize when boundaries are being crossed.They especially need help learning to communicate when their needs conflict with their partner’s,” Copeland says.oday’s teens are navigating a social media-infused world where the only sure thing is change.

“That’s just ‘a thing’ or a hookup.” Brooke guesses that around 40 percent of the kids at her school date, but adds that only about 10 percent of those relationships are “more serious.” Lindsey Copeland, a Durham psychologist who owns Copeland Psychological Services and also works as a counselor for Durham Academy’s Upper School, says she does not see evidence of “real” dating until students are in 11 grade.

Educate your child about the dangers of teen pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases — and how to prevent them.

If you do not teach your child, he or she will learn from sources you may not agree with or trust.

Their relationships are often powered by texting, Snapchat, Twitter and selfies, but they still contain all of the pleasures — and risks — of pre-internet dating.

Whether or not your child has gone on a date, now is the time to start a conversation about building healthy relationships.

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