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I went for an evening walk in a park on a date with an engineer.

We met first for a glass of wine in a bar and he was engaging enough, but it was obviously going nowhere.

This was even though my profile did stipulate I was only interested in a monogamous situation and clearly stated I did not want one-night stands. He lived in what he liked to describe as a garret on the Left Bank, of course he did.

He wanted me to come up to his tiny room whenever he felt was the right moment.

As he droned on about the woes of his life, I was left to ponder his unusual seduction technique as I nibbled on the cheese plate and sipped the wine I had bought for us both. He decided to invite these two early-20s boys who were playing nearby to join us. He gallantly said he didn't mind having the novice girl on his team. At three in the morning, we were still at the canal, still playing petanque. The giant accidentally dropped a steel ball on my foot. My most lasting memory of the night ended up being the broken toe I limped home with.

For Frenchmen are now more than happy to go Dutch, which is a good thing. I found myself footing the full bill on a surprising number of occasions. French men can be impressively arrogant, particularly when it comes to choosing the wine - regardless of who is paying for it. My date met me with his steel balls and some nice cheese. I confessed I had only played petanque once before. Beginner's luck is a devil, though, and I beat him on the third game. The giant sent me an angry text the next morning accusing me of flirting with the teenage boys. I had identical experiences in a "radically different" venue .

He had also sent messages on encrypted messaging app Telegram in which he referred to a secret “project,” according to the report.

He would obsessively talk about how he always seemed to meet self-centered women and how he loathed narcissism. The irony of our conversation was entirely wasted on him. My date exploded with jealous rage, stormed off and left me standing with strangers in the middle of the night. Which led to this oft-repeated (and very true) quip: Question: You know the trouble with gay men? One of the potential victims, identified as X, told investigators that he grew suspicious after speaking to AB over the phone, as he had a thick accent that X believed did not match the man in his profile picture.The suspect told police he was a “practising Muslim but against terrorism,” but a search reportedly revealed he had 7,000 ISIS-related images.Officials noted that the man had been engaging with gay men online on dating websites Lovoo and Rencontre Ados, suspecting him of seeking potential victims via the apps.AB is believed to have approached around 20 men via the services, using a picture of a blond man on his profile and seeking to meet up with them in person.

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