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With these done, along with the M10s and Stuarts he has a really solid core completed and is now able to dive in to the support platoons.The Aces mode can be used with Story Mode or Extended Mode an allows players to create their own unique commander with special abilities that will give them an edge during the course of the campaign.With our 50 points officially finished (or near enough to it) we are gearing up for a week of clashes in the 1st tournament of the Hobby League for a whole slew of exciting prizes Hobby League Landing Page...Join Jim Naughton as he takes his Historical force based on the 116th Panzer Division to the tournament and see how his games went. In 1970, the regiment was redesignated as the "2nd Cavalry Regiment" to differentiate it from the 1st Armoured Regiment.Who had the stamina and fortitude to play 8 straight games back-to-back with minimal breaks in between the matches? During the period, 2 Cav was the eyes and ears of the sole mechanised force in the Australian Army, the 1st Brigade.

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