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This app is mediocre at best at what it’s supposed to do.But the developers of this app need to make sure that their users are who they say they are and I am not talking about bots.It’s disgusting and I’m truly hoping one of the developers sees this review and considers removing this app right away, or doing something to completely change it.I’m still shocked to know how this app is still up and running after all the complaints I’m seeing.It’s also quite the shocker to see how well perceived it is. No doubt in my mind would I give this 0 stars if possible.Some of these apps let you share your photos and check photos of others.Someone who has just learned how to play guitar can create a topic so his or her performance could be evaluated and/or supported.

Like in every industry, there are also some black sheep among chat sites.

The app consists of an infinite scroll of breaking news, videos, and GIFs that are high speed-loaded.

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it has been mentioned before, and i will mention it once again.

This app needs to be removed from the Apple Store ASAP.

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