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Were this a more private environment it would be expected, but in the presence of new players and with a desperate need for such, it reflects poorly on the community and forms a terrible first impression, not to mention souring the mood for those wanting to abstain from such drama.

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I won't post the link here but it is pretty easy to find if one conducts a Google search for "armageddon mud", since it will be at or near the top of the search results, along with other reviews of Armageddon posted on other websites. The old positive reviews on this site are written by players who experienced a different era of the game or are hoping to get a karma handout from staff.You're also able to turn off the colors if you don't like them.Many choices are available here to customize your experience. If something has put you off of the, the staff appreciate being told so they'll have a chance to change it.Before accusations are leveled my way, I have no shame in partaking and, as a writer, have done my fair share of oddities for sheer amusement. I see it as a problem when it is a barrier for roleplay, or what entices those to bring new players into the clique.I've witnessed it and also took part myself - offer yourself as a carrot on a stick and you will be brought in and, depending on how open you are, elevated to a more desirable status.

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