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If you’re on the go a lot, you can look through starred/flagged emails on the subway, while you're waiting for coffee, or whenever you’d realistically be looking at Instagram or doing something else.” —Nina B., 27“I star emails that require a more thoughtful response.This serves as a reminder that I need to deal with that email sometime.(Scroll way, way down to learn more about these hacks.)It also became clear that email organization tips are abundant and generally varied—some better for beginners, and others perfect for experts whose appetites for organization aren’t easily satiated.So I’ve divided this email organization guide into five sections: beginner steps that make a big difference, inbox organization fundamentals, general maintenance, next-level hacks, and emotional support. If you’re more advanced, scroll to the section that best suits your needs.It’s a great way to stay on top of things.” —Janice L., 55“I carve out 30 minutes every morning to clear my inbox.” —Sumaya K., 35“I work my email in chunks of time—first thing in the morning, before lunch, and after dinner.Handling it in chunks gives me time to work on other stuff in between without being interrupted.” —Linda E., 58“Find a time when you don’t really have anything else to do.Under “categories,” you should see the commands “manage labels” and “create new label.” “Label” is just Google’s name for “folder,” so to create a folder, just hit “create new label,” and organize from there.“Filter things so they automatically go to the appropriate folder—or to the trash—so they aren’t junking up your inbox or distracting you.” —Marcey R., 43How to do it: To set up filters in Gmail, start by opening your inbox and clicking the down arrow at the right side of the “search” box.

This keeps me from having full inbox anxiety on Monday morning; instead, I can start the week fresh.” —Stacy H., 47“Use the ‘one-minute rule.’ If something takes less than one minute to accomplish, try doing it right away instead of putting it off for later.” —Kristine N., 37“I use the OHIO method, meaning I deal with each email that enters my inbox .I deftly juggle all four inboxes, keeping them at or below 25 messages at all times.For me, having a clean inbox is simply a matter of staying organized.Someone who travels twice a year just needs one travel folder, whereas someone who travels once a month might benefit from having several.Here are some of the folders I have, for reference: purchase receipts (online shopping confirmations), coupons (I clear these out every three months), friends/family, travel, and events (sub-categorized by location).” —Vanessa V., 36How to do it: To set up folders in Gmail, start by opening your inbox and looking at the left sidebar menu in full.

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