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Even today, historians and archaeologists still ignore what this papyrus represented in its time.While some think it was a theological document or magical artifact to ensure a deceased person’s journey to the afterlife, the most common consensus is that it could be the first erotic depiction of sexuality.The best and most famous example is a chest found in Tutankhamun’s tomb, which depicts him seating on a chair and aiming with a bow while his wife, kneeling next to him, holds the arrow.The interesting thing is that the ancient word referred to both shooting and ejaculation.When all the amazing pieces were taken from their original land and transported to museums in London and other cities of Europe, they wanted to exhibit the mysterious and “exotic” side of this culture that had been forgotten for such a long time.As a result, many of the pieces with a slightly erotic load were automatically censored or altered to be deemed appropriate, according to the prudish perspective of the time.When we talk about how ancient civilizations envisioned and practiced sex, it becomes easy to think about the Greeks and Romans with their long and well-known depictions of their sex life.

So, in the different temples throughout the country (being the ones at the Valley of the Kings the most important ones) we can see many hieroglyphics and art loaded with this iconography, such as lotus flowers that represented the idea of resurrection.In that way, the logical way to resurrect, or be reborn, must be through sex as well.However, this is not a matter of physical sexual intercourse, but a spiritual and symbolic rite that depends on the magical powers of iconography and figures, thus the effort in funerary rituals and decorations of the tombs.stands behind the content on our site and we value QUALITY over quantity. Come for the free porn but stay for the complete experience! We've improved our porn experience with tons of new features that are light years ahead of the competition.

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