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What followed was a list of exemptions, regulations and reasons. I guess I've just got to hope they don't match me with someone . Hermione sat in shock for several minutes before shaking Ginny awake fully. Hermione ran a hand through her already bushy hair.'Oh ' Ginny sighed softly as she finished reading the Statute.'It's okay, at least you get to be with Harry! As she forced Ginny's letter into her hands she realized it wouldn't matter to her: Harry and Ginny had filed for a magical marriage license three weeks ago. ' she smiled, feeling actually relieved for her friend.'Yeah,' Ginny allowed herself a smile.

After the devastating effects of the last Wizarding War, in which many valuable lives were lost due to their Non-Magical parents, the Ministry wishes to safeguard these important assets to the Wizarding World.

We hope that this pamphlet will be found informative and useful.

Kindest Regards, Adolfus Salem Minister for Magic Order of Merlin, First Class Former Wizengamot Member Hermione sighed.

Couples will be bonded for life.·Unless medically impossible, within one year of these weddings, couples must have conceived a child.

If couples have not conceived within one (1) year of marriage, couples will be required to undergo a medical test by a qualified Healer at St.

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