Former fat girl dating

A Fat Girl’s Guide is a series of articles aimed toward breaking negative stereotypes surrounding fatness.

“Fat” is a word riddled with pain, bias, and stereotypes.

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— they’re master manipulators who pretend that the woman they’re with is the only woman in their life when, in reality, they don’t have much of a connection with them at all.

One of the reasons that narcissists are so troubling is their lack of compassion and awareness regarding how their behavior affects other people.

However, there does seem to be a high percentage of narcissists who use a fat woman's vulnerability to their own advantage.

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​ Now, hold on, Narcissist, let me say it before you do — yes, some narcissists are only attracted to stunningly beautiful women because they feel that it reflects better on them.

Cassandra’s goal is to break these connotations into easily digestible, bite-size chunks and hopefully make you laugh along the way.

I recently wrote an article about men who have sex with fat women but refuse to date them.

Tony (not his real name) was olde and a talented actor.

At the time, there were a lot of guys in the department that were interested in me (I was too focused on my weight-imperfections to notice), but Tony managed to manipulate me into believing that being with him wouldn’t be only about sex — we’d have a real relationship.

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