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Reviewing the %Program Data%\Software Update file shows the following exception: Sms Admin UISnap In Error: 1 : Unexpected exception: System. Throw Argument Exception(Exception Resource resource) at System. The main problem, is that in SCCM 2007 we have no "easy" way to create an Auto-Approval rule.Argument Exception: An item with the same key has already been added. This will be solved in CM12 , until then , for the CM07 they will fix that mistake by update rollup 1.The cause has been found to be the Windows Firewall/ICS service that cannot be started.When an attempt is made to start the service, the resulting error is: Error 0x80004015: The class is configured to run as a security id different from the caller.The Authentic Users group only gets read permissions, not start/stop permissions as I feared, so I’m fine with that.

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This blog article presents workarounds for the issues. The solution works, however has a couple of major drawbacks. Now, I and many other SCCM admins have never understood why they didn’t solve that in a more elegant manner.So now you will have with Update Rollup 1 a tool that facilitates the use of the Configuration Manager software updates functionality to download FEP definition updates and make them available to client computers running the FEP client software.In order to use the software updates feature for definition updates, you must perform the following high-level steps: in Config Mgr, Config Mgr 2007, Config Mgr 2007 R2, Config Mgr SP2, configmgr2007, Config Mgr2007 R3, FE, FEP, FEP2010, Installation, R3, SCCM 2007, SCCM 2007 R2, SCCM 2007 R3, SCCM 2007 SP2 by Kenny Buntinx [MVP] In some cases, after the FEP client has been installed, the computer is no longer remotely accessible using any form of remote control utility or Computer Management tools, including but not limited to Windows Computer Management, Config Mgr Remote Control utility, Dame Ware, VNC.

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