Find friends not dating

The exact definition varies from one relationship to another, as people have their own way of dealing with the situation.

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You might not see a device's current location if it needs to update in i Cloud. If you're signed in to Find My Friends on more than one device, you might need to check which of your devices your friends can see: If the location circle is too large, wait a few minutes, then try again.

With social networking now a house-hold name and technology offering unlimited potential for searching far and wide both in your community and across the country, nobody wants to sit around making phone calls in the hope of striking it lucky.

A better way by far is to let do all the hard work for you.

Maybe you just got out of a long term relationship with someone and you now want to have fun without thinking too much.

Or maybe you want to have company but don’t feel ready to get back in a relationship just yet.

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