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Great quantities of carbonic acid gas are constantly emitted, which come bubbling up through t he water, giving it somewhat the appearance of boiling." (Note-"Visits to the Virginia Springs During the Summer of 1834, page 613, Southern Literary Messenger, 1835.) He might have been a-little kinder to the buildings had he known what was to come.

The same year Peregrine Prolix described his surroundings with a great deal of enthusiasm: "Four hours were taken to reach the Sweet by coach, one of the most ancient and celebrated places in the United States.

The extensive undulating lawn, and grove of noble oaks - the cottages on the open green, or peering from amidst the trees do indeed, present a beautiful scene.

But the latter are scattered in rows or groups over the ground without any regular order, and the lawn has never undergone any of the operations of art.

One rumor has it that Sweet Springs was bought by men from South Carolina about 1796 who planned to erect several commodious dwellings in the neighborhood.

Whether these dwellings were to have been on the Springs property proper can only be guesswork for apparently the deal did not materialize.

One could always set up additional large tables in the bar room.It is quite likely that the Mill Place was part of this farm. A debt of ,526.25 incurred by both Lewis and Woodville; is not clear, but in all probability it was connected with the mysterious debt of John B. At any rate, Oliver Beirne became a purchaser of the Sweet Springs tract when it was put on sale by Commissioners John Echols and Samuel Price on August 18, 1852. On October 14, 1852, at circuit court a decree was entered; .... These three men constituted the Sweet Springs Company. Caperton sold to Oliver Beirne the land at the headwaters of Dunlap's Creek known as t he Sweet Springs tract and containing several tracts, one of them 184 acres on which the hotel buildings stood and another 219 acres and also 245 acres, both of which joined the first. Christopher Beirne also sold his rights and interest in 480 acres on Dunlap's Creek very near the Sweet Springs tract which had been purchased that same month by the partners from A. Sweet Springs was always crowded in the early days.James Moss, the squatter on the Lewis property in earlier days, was still a landowner in the Sweet Springs area in 1807. The commissioners Price and Echols aforesaid having made their report of the sale of the lands aforesaid to which there was no exception, the same was confirmed, and it appearing that Oliver Beirne became the purchaser of the Sweet Springs and adjoining lands, and has executed bonds with security for the purchase money which are filed with said report. Hutchinson make a deed of conveyance for Oliver Beirne "for said lands at his cost." A few weeks later Beirne sold half of the property to Allen T. Sometimes visitors arriving as late as July had the difficult problem of finding sleeping room for themselves.On April 7 of that year Moss gave a deed of trust to John Lewis for a debt of 0.64. Some slept on the bar room tables and on the benches of the old courthouse, at that time the church for the Springs.Charles Lewis was made trustee and was to sell the property at public auction if the debt was not paid within one year, No change in ownership of the property was made until John B. Or, if one had influential friends, one might be able to squeeze one more cot (this is absolutely the last one) into one of the log cabins.

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