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Ralph – a Facebook Messenger Chat Bot – will help consumers chose the perfect LEGO gifts via Messenger and News Feed Ads, as part of the LEGO Group’s broader Holiday Campaigns “Shake Up Imagination” in the US, and "Give The Gift of Imagination” in Europe.Genelle Holton, UK Digital Marketing Manager explains how Ralph the Chat Bot came about: "We wanted to create a fun and easy tool to overcome a common challenge for shoppers – help them navigate through the vast LEGO portfolio and chose the perfect gift!" And in case Ralph hasn’t made up your mind, the LEGO Group has lots of lovely human LEGO experts on hand, to give gift advice or any other kind of LEGO help as well.

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Gift Bot, Ralph, is here to make sure every wish clicks into place! The LEGO Group is one of the first in the toy industry to embrace this concept,” says James Poulter, Senior Manager, Digital Consumer Engagement, at the LEGO Group.

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