Exploring online dating and customer relationship management

The results The CRM are high influence Organization profit, so that CRM was the responsible employee retention.Somali businesses have not use Management information system.

Profit is a financial benefit that is realized when the amount of revenue gained from business work reduce the expanses, and also say the profit when total sales revenue is greater than total cost, for example the total sales of Geele general trading company was 0,000 and the total cost was ,000 so that the researcher say the profit of this Geele general trading company become ,000.[1] customer relationship management is the new Intonation of marketing.Businesses like Oracle have come up with services and products and keyword Customer relationship management system and profit.In finish, the customer-orientation strategy is one of an organization’s resources to increase customer satisfaction and business income and is also a very significant measurement. [7] he say the main profit of organization to gain customer relationship more sales revue increase level of productivity and also have more business values like reduce direct marketing cost because when use the customer relationship management can easily know customer data if they complain or mark order and so help to contact and keep their relationship and attractive new customer, and increase customer satisfaction, then used the churn rate, the customer churn reduce as sales, service and marketing better respond to customer needs so that is measurement number of customer who stop using or purchasing product or service from the organization.That can track customers through the World Wide Web and be able to forecast their forward moves wants and needs. [8] he says the uses customer relationship management can changeable with customer relationship marketing.

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