Exclusive dating matchmaking firms

She wants to have a full understanding of who they are and what they want, so she can properly direct them in the dating scene.

Sometimes these in-depth coaching sessions are enlightening for singles as well.

Since becoming a mom, Natacha has also let go of her do-everything-herself mentality.

“My focus is on how to get you with the perfect guy as quickly as possible.” As part of her matchmaking process, Natacha conducts a Discovery Session first and foremost to get to know her clients.“The beautiful thing about online dating is that you meet so many people,” she told us.“But then you run into the problem of having to sort through all those people and screen dates so you actually find someone.Match Parfait’s online courses and group coaching further build her authority and make her advice accessible to all.She and her team produce educational content on important dating topics so that Match Parfait won’t just be an introduction service — it will be a vital resource for single women of all ages and backgrounds.

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