Error validating users agent execution access

Verify that the entry in the Server document field "Run unrestricted methods and operations" is correct and contains the name Sametime Development/Lotus Notes Companion Products. Verify that the database is signed with the server id.

I will very frequently make a new copy of the database (empty) naming it with an n Tf instead of n Sf and will open it up in the Admin Client on Local and sign the database using an ID that is specified in the Servers Address book as allowed to run agents (and ideally is recognized in the ECLs of the user base) I will then use that copy of the database (now a template-give it a template name) to refresh the design of the database on the server.

I do this almost every time an update is made to the database.. If you don't have a copy of the Admin Client you can make it available by creating an empty text file in your notes directory and naming it .

I have a Discussion Database on a Domino Server 4.6.

If I remember correctly it has something to do with the server document's restrictions fields.

If the person who Signed the Agent (last saved it), doesn't have access to run the Agent as per the Server Document the Web Server bomb's out. help on Error 500: Error in the access validation of the execution of user agents. Error 500: Error in the access validation of the execution of user agents.

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