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I have been using j Query Intelli Sense in VS2008 and it has been great.

Recently I added a reference to j Query UI and since then, the j Query Intelli Sense has went away.

For the jquery-vsdoc.js, I am using Comment Version 1.3.2b (that's what it says in the file) from

You won't get intellisense for UI, but you will still get jquery and other plugins that do work.I found that once you reference another file in your document, the Intelli Sense goes away. If there are errors in any refernced files it will break intellisense for all files references from the same document. If you have a reference a file named and there is a file named in the same location, then JS intellisense will pick up the -vsdoc version.The next version of Visual Studio is going to be much more robust in this respect. We made some design decisions early on that we prevented us from making VS9 external references more robust. If that script is empty then it won't generate an error.I also did a bit of googling for the response outside of this forum.They mentioned to try including jquery-1.4.4.js:  I don't know if this is the same problem you had but for me the jquery files were referenced in _Layout.cshtml.

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