Eq2 updating button is greyed out

(thanks Dhalkar for contribution; modified layout a bit) - Update [Persona]: Fixed tooltips not working. Added Disabled to Auto Attack dropdown options Added XP Mod text to Stats Area.

(thanks Dhalkar for XP Mod addition and ideas) - Fix [Player]: Increased HP and Mana text width for Full Range display.

Essences are obtained by using the Channel Essence ability out in the world; it can only be used if you are in combat and the target is under 25% health or of grey difficulty.

They will add to the appearances and passive skills found in the Construct window.

Added togglebox for Spell Effects Filtering for the Effects window. - Update [Raid]: Adjusted level text to display up to level 100.- Update [Merchant]: Added "Show Only Equipped" checkbox to the Reforge/Restore tab - Fix [Stat Bar]: Fix for WDB stats loading - Fix [Global]: Adjusted loading code for anything using the name "cmd" as it conflicted with new /cmd_apply_adorn game update- Update [Persona]: Added Weapon Damage Bonus and Spell Weapon Damage Bonus stats to window - Update [Stat Bar]: Added Weapon Damage Bonus and Spell Weapon Damage Bonus options - Update [Tradeskills]: Added the "Show hidden" checkbox for Recipes (GU change) - Update [Examine]: Updated code for adornment update (GU change) - Fix [Target Casting]: Character switching init code updated - Fix [STI]: Character switching init code updated - Fix [Cure Finder]: Character switching init code updated- New [Guild]: New "Hide notes" checkbox added for Members page.

Useful for hiding information while Live Streaming.

Introduced with Tears of Veeshan, the 26th Everquest II class is a bow using, leather wearing, pet commanding, healing Priest class. It is nearly invincible, and even the most devastating attacks will usually render it inoperable. It reduces damage of group mates, which can be parsed.

After several years of EQ2 UI modding, individual releases, and user requests, the Drums UI is finally released as a full UI download.The Drums UI includes several settings (Self Cure window, Stat bar Window, Group/Raid Quick casts and cures) that are set up to be customizable from in-game and save both between sessions and different characters.When you first use the Drums UI pieces, the default settings will be selected.There are Alternate Advancedment choices available to Channelers that include some enhancments for your Construct.To access the Construct Window, first open the character window (C).

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