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There are significant imbalances in the male/female population in India where the SRB is 113; there are also huge local differences from Northern / Western regions such as Punjab or Delhi, where the sex ratio is as high as 125, to Southern / Eastern India e.g.Kerala and Andhra Pradesh, where sex ratios are around 105.Unfortunately, the iniquitous dowry system has even spread to communities who traditionally have not practiced it, because dowry is sometimes used as a means to climb the social ladder, to achieve economic security, and to accumulate material wealth.The model used to calculate the dowry takes the bridegroom's education and future earning potential into account while the bride's education and earning potential are only relevant to her societal role of being a better wife and mother.Low schooling translates into poor quality of care for children, consequently in higher infant and child mortality and malnutrition, because mothers with little education are less likely to adopt appropriate health-promoting behaviors, such as having young children immunized. “Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan” (Education for Everyone) are promoting girls' education to equalize educational opportunities and eliminate gender disparities, but these initiatives will take time to unfold their whole effect.

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Another disincentive for sending daughters to school is a concern for the protection of their virginity.

India's constitution guarantees free primary school education for both girls and boys up to age 14.

This has been repeatedly reconfirmed, but primary education in India is not universal, and often times not seen as really necessary for girls.

India's Patriarchal Traditions 1 Much of the discrimination against women arises from India's dowry tradition, where the bride's family gives the groom's family money and/or gifts.

Dowries were made illegal in India in 1961, however the law is almost impossible to enforce, and the practice persists for most marriages.

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