Elijah wood dating life

As Scott said, “I love how much you two love making music together.” Almost as exciting as watching the pair perform was watching the mentors react to the magic happening in front of them.

Elijah is famous for his roles in the epic trilogy named Lord of the Rings, where he has played one of the leading roles, his character was the most important in the movie and former Elijah Wood girlfriend is Gogol Bordello drummer.

The duo brought their unique blend of writing, producing, and THAT voice to to earn the title of this week’s launched artist. Here are 7 times we knew that Elijah Woods x Jamie Fine were the real deal.

Elijah said that after hearing Jamie singing on a friend’s i Phone, sparks flew.

In Week 2 we met Ottawa’s Elijah Woods x Jamie Fine, 18-year-old Basil Phoenix from The Pas, MB, JP Maurice from Vancouver, Divine Lightbody from Brampton, ON, and indie band LITEYEARS from Toronto.

While JP could be the next big songwriter coming out of Canada and Basil had a voice and a natural performance ability that makes us think we’ll be hearing her on the radio soon, it was duo Elijah Woods x Jamie Fine that stole the judges (and our) hearts.

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