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The method creates an Auto Complete Parameters object.The result is then converted to JSON so it can be shown in the client.The first thing you might notice is a method at the top of the class called .This method creates an authenticated HTTP index client to the Azure Search service. It is based on the Documents Operations Extensions. The Suggest function takes two parameters that determine whether hit highlights are returned or fuzzy matching is used in addition to the search term input.If you want to run this example on your own search service, see Configure NYC Jobs index for instructions.At the top, you'll see an option to select C# or Java Script.

You can use the prepared index hosted in a sandbox service, or populate your own index using a data loader in the NYCJobs sample solution.Change the following line from this: Launch the application by pressing F5.Try typing something like "execative" and notice how results come back for "executive", even though they are not an exact match to the letters you typed.The Dot Net How To Autocomplete sample demonstrates both suggestions and autocomplete, in both C# and Java Script language versions. NET MVC-based application that uses the Azure Search . The logic for making autocomplete and suggested query calls can be found in the Home file.Java Script developers will find equivalent query logic in Index Java Script.cshtml, which includes direct calls to the Azure Search REST API.

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