Dungeondating com whos dating whom

Find her talking about all things geeky on Twitter as @miniktty.

Boyfriend Dungeon is an isometric action game with procedurally generated dungeons and, crucially, swords you can romance.

There are a bunch of different weapons for you to date in including a dagger who loves art and scotch whiskey, or a laser-saber who’s a K-pop idol.

There’s even a s set of brass knuckles that turns into a cute, cuddly cat for you to befriend!

It was only a matter of time when another would come.

Whether weapons look and act exactly as you imagine them or totally surprise you, the artistic process is cool to see.

Maybe a spry dagger is the short silver-tongued young woman you envisioned, and a staunch rapier is a composed tower of a man, but a fierce talwar is actually a dashing romantic.

Will you date someone with a rapier wit or perhaps find a companion with a well-honed edginess? Yes, that’s right, in this game you date your gear.

It may sound weird, but after watching this transformation sequence, you have to admit these blades have weaponized their sexiness.

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