Duggars beliefs on dating

It seems that in the Duggar construction, Godly men are required to be protectors and providers; in order to do this they must conquer themselves.

In a truly Victorian model, men, unchecked by the gospel, are simmering volcanoes of testosterone.

The young couple can then embark on a period of well-supervised mutual assessment. The Duggar daughters list what they will look for in a partner, but they also spend a considerable amount time arguing that that “Godly men” do not marry “ungodly women.” They caution that a young woman must begin the courtship process with a thoroughgoing self-assessment, identifying her own weaknesses and ways she can “become the kind of young lady a Godly guy would desire to marry.” The message is clear: in order to be worthy of a “Godly man” a young woman must conform to some exacting standards.

These standards are rooted in constructions of innate male brutishness and feminine virtue.

Women are presumed to be inherently more controlled, so their baseline for virtue is higher.It is not an arranged marriage, but parental involvement is prized.The young man is first required to obtain permission to court the young woman from her father.And although it is not required that a Godly woman be physically attractive—indeed low self-esteem is characterized as a failure to accept and be thankful for what God has given you—she should put effort into her appearance, but not so much that she becomes vainly preoccupied with her looks.Godly women must also strive to embody the characteristics enumerated in Proverbs 31’s description of a virtuous wife.

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