Double your dating recommended books

I put it “only” as third in the best dating books for women list because it’s heavy in theory.And the actual seduction stage is more geared towards men.But don’t get me wrong: The Art of Seduction will deepen your psychological knowledge of dating like few other books -if any- ever Bruce Bryans Summary | Kindle | Print |Audiobook Bruce Bryan focuses on high quality men, and he does a great job at that. A couple takeaways from this great book: by Ali Binazir Summary | Kindle | Print |Audiobook Binazir takes top spot of our women’s dating reading list in one of the most underrated books I’ve ever come across.The author has a deep grasp of human nature and understands dating and high quality men mindsets.

by Robert Greene Summary | Kindle | Print |Audiobook Robert Greene, one of the deepest connoisseur of human nature, world history and psychology.

For example, the popular concepts of making him chase, invest and wait for sex as much as possible do often work.

But it mostly works with low quality men and avoidant men -and you don’t want either-.

I have perused the most popular dating books for women available.

As a matter of fact, I’m not aware of a single major title I haven’t read.

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