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We all have things or people in our life that we don’t give due credit. It’s a fascinating thought experiment that really makes you examine the potentially fragile fabric of reality as we know it. This is a classic question that’s been asked since the dawn of human consciousness.If she says smell, you better hope that you remembered to put on deodorant. She can come back as any person (or animal) from any point in history. Given the choice, would she prefer to remain happily ignorant, or would she expand her brainpower knowing that it comes with baggage.Here are 8 of the best funny questions to ask to get to know a girl: If she says you, things are going extremely well.Warning: this one might earn you a slap if you’re not careful! Does she prefer a Sasquatch look, or would she rather pursue a career as an Olympic swimmer?There are plenty of hidden museums, local historical buildings, and touristy things to do in every city! Here are some tips to help keep your online personal information and accounts safe. These deep questions to ask a girl should help you move beyond surface level conversation and into deeper territories.Remember: if she doesn’t feel comfortable opening up, don’t be pushy. Some girls are open books, and others may want to wait before revealing intimate details about their personal lives. Here are 14 questions to help you get to know her deeper: If she doesn’t have any siblings, you can ask what’s the best part about being an only child.Does she look forward to work, to drinks after work, or to time alone on the weekend? We have an entire list of personal questions to ask a girl but here are our best for when you really want to get to know her. Do you invest in material goods or meaningful relationships?

Does she prefer an enchanted adventure or the big city? You should be somewhat comfortable with her by now, so these questions to get to know a girl should work nicely.There’s no wrong answer, but her response says a lot about her plans for the future. Remember her answer, and learn about that character. Regardless of gender, age, or background, humor connects people.This is a tough question that helps you to understand if she treasures her past experiences more than the ones that will be made in the years to come. If you polled a room full of girls, the majority will say that a sense of humor is an important quality for a guy to possess.Here are 13 questions to get to know a girl you like: You can test how she views the world with this: is it her own personal history she’d change or something bigger? Her answer will tell you about things she cares about deeply. No matter what, she’s overcome some bad habit that she’ll want to brag about. Now, you’re learning not what she hides about herself but what she hopes most shines through.You can measure how social she is based on her answer from 0 (unsociable) to 10 (a real partier). Get her to share a side of herself that only she’s seen. Getting to know a girl on a personal level is only accomplished by having personal questions to ask her.

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