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A magazine cover boy and all-round American success story, he is all the more desirable now that he has left his days of hard drinking behind.

But remember that under the tough exterior lies a soppy romantic who if given half a chance will fall hook, line and sinker for you.

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So is George the charmer for you, or would his commitment-phobe ways and time away from home ward you off for good? Leonardo di Caprio Pro: Impish charm Con: Party animal Leonardo di Caprio's boyish good looks, coupled with impish charm seem to guarantee he will always be surrounded by hoards of screaming teenagers.

If you'd like to change which photo appears as your Primary, look for the photos that have the "make primary" button above them.

Click on this button for the photo you want, and you're done.

For all his wildness he will have depths of loyalty when he does finally commit.

So if you could see yourself playing stay-at-home cave woman to this larger-than-life cave man - you can live together happily forever after.

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