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Now Tony is caught in the midst of the swirling flashbacks and memories of Ziva and the things she said to him.Soon, Tony is able to piece everything together to see how it affected his present life. Ziva’s last words to Tony may have hinted that he was to be a father. What frustrated Di Nozzo fans is that the episodes leading up to the finale, there was very little Tony.In one episode, member s of the NCIS team discussed their rent and Tony mentioned that he owned this place.In that episode, she was hiding out in Israel after a terrorist group began targeting NCIS.Tony Di Nozzo (Michael Weatherly) tracked her down, but she told him she was staying there as she didn’t want to be an agent any more following the death of her father.At the same time, there was suspicion of a rogue agent within the organization.Then Tony was not even in an episode-he was in London.

Cote de Pablo was rumoured to be returning ever since her character was revealed to be alive at the start of the year.While living in his head seemed satisfying, Tony, the confirmed bachelor and neat freak didn’t know what to do with a small child.Most importantly, Tony did not know if Tali understood who he was. “Family First” is the perfect name for this episode, as Tony no longer puts himself first – now it is all about what is right for his daughter.Even if she does not appear in She, Ziva could be back at some point in the future to get the happy ending with Tony that many NCIS fans want. If NCIS gets a season 17, it would most likely feature the show’s 400th episode, a perfect time to bring back some classic characters.Tony actor Weatherly has previously revealed he would be open to an NCIS reunion at some point, telling Digital Spy: “I absolutely see worlds where Di Nozzo and other characters could pop up...

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