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However, let’s get the horror stories we’ve all heard about Ponte out of the way first.It was called Suicide City because of the number of people who jumped off it, on the inside and the outside.A post-apartheid wave of South Asian (including Pakistani) immigration has also influenced South African Indian culture.The oldest art objects in the world were discovered in a South African cave.

There are small groups of speakers of endangered languages, most of which are from the Khoisan family, that receive no official status; however, some groups within South Africa are attempting to promote their use and revival.Ponte’s designer, the 29-year-old Rodney Grosskopf, probably didn’t start out with the intention of creating something iconic, but because of its sheer size and shape and location, the cylindrical behemoth identifies the Joburg skyline as much as the Sydney Opera House does Sydney’s.Today it’s become a model for the regeneration and revitalisation of the inner city that is going on – from Braamfontein to Maboneng and now here.Constructed in 1975, the 400-plus apartments were “the” place to live when it opened. The one we meet in, on the 50th floor, is 120-square-meters (rental R6,000 a month) and was one floor of a former triplex, which also once had a sauna.The tour of the 54-storey building and the surrounding area – Berea and Hillbrow – is run by a nonprofit group called Dlala Nje.

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