Did lauren and kent dating

But after Arie reunited with her and begged for a second chance, she began posting about it, and hinting at their relationship.On January 29, she captioned a photo of herself and Arie on the the bowling group date: "He’s a perfect 10...*sigh* Spare me." Considering that she's said about 12 words total this season on air, that was a pretty punny line by the 25-year-old sales rep. It ap PIERS to me that this BEACH likes you." Man alive, Lauren's dad jokes are on point. In Peru, she wrote, "Thanks for letting me Lima on you! #queenofpuns." None of this is conclusive proof that they're still a thing, but it's hard to see her writing this if she got dumped twice by the same guy.On April 21, 2018, Kent’s father, Kent Burningham, died and she said that Emmett has been of great support.In a post on Instagram, Kent thanked Emmett for being there for her, writing, “You are my rock. You saved me- Kept me from drowning in the darkest time of my life. Thank you, my love.”After Kent’s father died, she posted several photos and videos online in tribute to him.It's great that there's finally a scripted show about dance on TV. I auditioned as a dancer, again, and then I went in and read for part, after part, after part, and finally, I had booked one.When a show like this comes around, does the entire dance community start buzzing about how it's a potential job? I had originally auditioned for one of the dancers and made it to the end. They were like, you look really young, just keep smiling. My character’s name is Rascal, and it was just an amazing, amazing thing to do.

The ex-couple have one child together, a daughter named London Thea Emmett.After, all, Kent felt it wasn’t really anyone else’s business.Prior to the most recent season of Vanderpump Rules, Kent discussed the possibility of Emmett appearing on the show and it was slim to none.By the end of the audition, we had figured out that they were looking for very young dancers. I got to sing and act and dance, and it was crazy just to get a little part I was super proud of.If you didn't look like you were a young high schooler, then you weren't going to be on it. It's kind of like the new It's really starting to come together.

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