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The FBI is using Valentine's Day as an opportunity to remind all of the "lonely and vulnerable" online daters out there that criminals are lurking on their favorite dating websites."Here's how the scam usually works," an FBI press release posted on Thursday reads.

First, you're contacted by someone who appears interested in you.

More to follow as I rate my initial foray into dating online.

Bejae19 Before I aid for a subscription, several so-called women would message me.

I have conversated with almost 2.000 woman profiles.

No Strings Dating is Australia's hottest dating platform that is 100% completely free. Our attitude and vision No Strings Dating takes the stance that the community makes no assumptions on joining.

If it is a GHOST, it won't come up in the Search. We chatted some days after, and then she ghosted me for the third time.

If it is a Real Person, they come up in the Search. These people are at best Hacks in the programming realm. Since I figured this out and put the ghostspotting tool in my profile the onlinecrush administrators have been observing my blog/profile and often clearing/resetting it just like the Reset button in?

They are there to start with saying that your cool and then you pay subscription then hear nothing from the women again what a con I have been a programmer for 31 years. After hunting a resolve for this suspicion, I then deduced onlinecrush is INDEED very much alike PACMAN--let me explain this Analogy: Their server is pacman.I have been on onlinecrush for almost two months... This is not solely bcuz I am a Really BIG Sucker for the ladies, but because: I was determined to debunk their system of: nearly no members atall yet earns money. I and my bro--somewhat figured out the systems at totally computer illiterate but said: Dave..are chasing ghosts. The pills that pacman eats are the REAL people profiles.I said...hmmmm you may be onto something there bro... The Ghosts are automated profiles with scripts to chase Pacman through the Maze of Profiles. Pacman must outrun the ghosts--thus the server must maintain a means it doesn't talk to itself.Also, I found 2 instances where their profile was IDENTICAL to another's profile. Look at the so-called women's profile, the are are more blunt and filthy than ever. I was getting more hits from this before I joined and after I joined I hardly got a hit even from the women that hit before I joined I emailed them and never got a response back from them, I think the pictures in the sight are cut and paste pictures especially the gorgeous women that are on the sight.Also, if you notice, ALL the so-called women are non-drinkers . Stay away from the site and be sure if you joined that site your membership is on auto pay so if you think you are expire think again.

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