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Perhaps I’d find a mate with ties to the northeast. On the other hand I have family in the south, and Midwest and along the east coast along with the faint possibility of moving to the southwest. But I was also raised in New York City, possibly the most eclectic place in the world.Why again wouldn’t I consider women from those areas? I’m sure I could find someone of another ethnicity attractive and interesting enough to spend large amounts of time with them.The bottom line in each instance was how they treated me and how happy they made me.All the other stuff can be worked out if you’re making each other happy.

But I grew up poor so economic struggle is not going to stop me from functioning.I don’t hold it against someone for being wrong especially when it is difficult to institute some of the policies that I believe would benefit the country.Eliminating conservatives as possible partners would limit my dating pool and I don’t want to do that. So naturally I would gravitate toward a black woman as my mate.But if you’re looking for a mate, from my point of view you cast the widest net possible.I’ve crushed on Jewish women; I briefly dated an African woman when we could barely communicate because of the language barrier; I was the fling of an older and much more financially stable lady, and I paid for everything with one girlfriend.

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