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"How'd you like if we brought her first up your place for a shoot? A sexy low-cut top, bare (very kissable) shoulders, long black gloves, lace apron and cap, her hair tied in a bun with a few long golden curls dangling perfectly upon her shoulders, gorgeous eyes with mile long lashes, and of course a smile to die for. This was a good start, I would play right into her teasing and playfulness. That's when I saw her look up at Helen standing in the doorway.

Deanna looked at me for only a second before she recognized me. She was nodding her head, obviously indicating a phone call.

Deanna looked at me, "You're not leaving soon are you?

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I leaned over as far as I could to catch one last glimpse of those legs. I made my way through the people who were dancing and back to the food spread. Easily enough I started with the old latex mask spiel.I had to laugh to myself as Dustin or whatever his name was already had the Freddy mask yanked up on top of his head.Those latex masks are cool for the few minutes you can wear them.I soon found myself at the local spook shop and ran through the gamut of costumes.Forget the whole mask deal as that gave you nothing but a sweaty face and a rash. Jim laughed at me and shrugged his shoulders at 'forgetting' to tell me that this would be an exclusive 'models only' party.

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