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We tried to find out how these artefacts got into the top layer of modern construction debris.

What artefacts you have found are the most interesting from the archaeological perspective?

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It was started by the renowned architect, the keeper of Moscow heritage, Pyotr Baranovsky, who was the Museum's Director. For a long time, the work on this area, including the Dyakovo settlement, has been conducted by the Institute of Archaeology at the Academy of Sciences.At that time, it belonged to a boyar Vasily Pozharsky nicknamed Medvedok.Fifty years later, it passed to Prince Golitsyn, but then was granted to the family of Naryshkins.Soon the area will have a beautiful renovated Park with walks, benches and gazebos.For a long time, this area has been a dump for debris brought from the nearest construction site, later it had trees planted.

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    In the work, a time range of between 772,000 and 949,000 years was found for this species of the Lower Pleistocene, so confirming earlier indirect datings.

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