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I remember having a discussion with Tom in the second year of the show that Hank should die — he should just get punished, he should have to die. If Hank deserved to be punished for his behavior, do you think he made up for any of it by trying to be a father to Levon, the son he never knew he had?

Duchovny: No, I don't think so, I don't think [he needed] to be punished for that.

Did you learn anything from the first experience that made it easier this time? Ironically, I know that Tom started writing what became the pilot as a movie script. NBC orders Charles Manson drama dtarring David Duchovny Of course, you already have your next project lined up: NBC's Charles Manson drama . Duchovny: It's set in the '60s — when the '60s get dark. I think that's a real pivotal time in our country's history, and we're kind of stuck going over the ashes of the '60s all the time. There was a revolution in consciousness happening with young people, and obviously there was an ongoing war. There's a lot of stuff about America and about people changing within America. I went to work every day trying to make people laugh.

Duchovny: was a real life-changing show for all of us involved. That was always the most important thing for all of us.

I meant punished for smoking and drinking too much, physically punished.

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They have that, and they don't have that with anybody else. And yet it was still sort of a "dot, dot, dot" ending.Meanwhile, Charlie has to fight the sexual tension between him and Daisy.The episode's title, La Ronde, comes from an 1897 play by Austrian writer Arthur Schnitzler.That was strange to say goodbye to because we all went from obscurity to whatever it is we were at the end of it. We were trying to make ourselves laugh and if we made other people laugh when we were doing that, than that's the best job you can ever have. I also think that having done that kind of intense 22- to 25-episode commitment for eight, nine years, everybody was too tired and ready and to move on. It's difficult to let go of, but after seven years of playing the same guy, you've pretty much done what you need to do. It's just my friends — the crew, the actors, Natascha, Pam, Evan, Maddie — I miss them all.

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