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Type “Poland” in Google and it’s not difficult to see why the country has a reputation for being rife with racism.Images of hooded skinheads and football hooligans, sporting fascist signs, Polish flags and fireworks have dominated news headlines over the past couple of years; a symptom of the new climate of far-right nationalism under the ruling Law and Justice Party (Pi S).I wondered how he felt about leaving the multicultural melting pot of NYC: “I like Poland because nobody looks or sounds like me, I can be myself.

In the 1920s and 30s, the Soviet Union was considered a safe haven for African-Americans escaping segregation in the USA.

Sitting down in the Afryka shop in Muranow, the only spot which sells imported products from Lagos and Accra, I become more intrigued as Julia tells me about the discrimination that she and her family have experienced as Muslims living in Poland.

“One time we were celebrating Ramadan and this guy almost beat up my mum.

You just have to accept it and keep moving, I know that I just have to smile and they open up” For others, however, the deep and dark undercurrents of hostility and xenophobia are hard to ignore.

In the corridors of Warsaw’s only Africa centre in the Downtown central spot, James Omolo, director of the Afryka Connect foundation tells me horrifying stories of frequent racist attacks and even sexual assaults against Africans in public.

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