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George Wade was appointed Chairman and George Heath the Managing Director.Wade Heath had been producing beautiful ceramic art ware known as Flaxman Ware in the Art Deco style.

In 1931, Major George Albert Wade, became a director of both Wade Heath and A. Jessie Hallen possessed superb modelling skills and George developed a flair for marketing. Wade secured the Disney licence for Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, which were modelled by Jessie Hallen.

Lots more Whimsie collections followed, (the Red Rose Tea Whimsies for instance), and they became very collectable. In 1958 Wade Potteries Ltd took over George Wade & Son Ltd and Wade (Ulster) Ltd, bringing all Wade companies together under Sir George Wade.

Wade UK Office: – WADE CERAMICS LTD: Bessemer Drive Stoke on Trent, Staffordshire, ST1 5GR.

EPIAG is one of the common Austrian pottery marks, and it dates the piece to after 1920. O&EG marks are common, and stand for Oscar and Edgar Gutherz pottery and porcelain, made near Altrohlau.

The OEPIAG group purchased this pottery in 1918, so you can conclude that O&EG-marked pottery predates 1918.

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