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I believe that Facebook will be the ‘Gateway Dating App’ that ‘pops the dating cherry’ for tens of millions of singles who have never previously tried online dating.

I talk about our wild startup story while providing dozens of case studies on management, innovation, and growth, in my new book, As someone with years of experience in the online dating space — both as a site owner and a user, I couldn’t be more excited about Facebook’s entrance into online dating.

As an expert in the industry, several online dating site owners have recently asked me for my opinion and if I think Facebook will be the online dating app killer.

On May 1st, Mark Zuckerberg ‘shocked the world’ by announcing that Facebook will offer online dating features to its 2 billion plus users.

Although the timing is surprising, it is actually not far-fetched as Facebook began as a dating site called Face Mash in 2003, and has finally come full circle 15 years later.

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