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OP is walking past an entire line of people to go into extra stalls in the same bathroom.

It's like noticing that people in line to use self check-out at the grocery store don't realize that one self check-out station is open, then cutting the entire line and checking out at that station yourself and saying "by the way, this one was free" while you do it. At the same time, I think you are a bit entitled to expect to be put on his benefits just because you are pregnant.

YTAYou are justifying cutting the line to avoid awkwardness?

These people have been waiting longer than you, they ought to go before you.

I have nothing to hide in my private life, that doesn't mean I'm fine with a surveillence state.

Are you offering to contribute money, or do you just expect him to pay for your insurance too, because it likely isn't free for him to add you. I guess my big question is whether or not she is willing to pay half for it.

This is perhaps because people in relationships feel pity for single people on Valentine’s Day, the...

Long-distance relationships are known to be difficult.

So if that is how you feel, you definitely should tell them.

That way you see their reaction AND they can decide if they want to date you.

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