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One of the most common questions I get from readers is how to get a boyfriend to the altar.For guys, getting engaged is a lot like buying a new car: It’s a pretty scary decision to ponder, it’s utterly terrifying when you actually get up the nerve to make the offer, and absolutely fabulous when you finally get to take her home.On the other hand, if he knows you may not be available if he takes too much time deciding, he’ll be more inclined to lock in the deal and get the one he wants today.Nothing is more appealing than a car that everybody wants and nobody can get.Well girls, if a guy in a plaid polyester suit and a bad rug can get your man to sign on the dotted line, so can you.All you need to know are a few tricks of the trade.Even though the deal hasn’t been signed yet, it’s a way to make him feel good about his decision, and keep him from backing out once he sees what the sunroof is going to cost. Make sure you announce to the crowd, friends and family the fabulous, romantic way in which your guy has just proposed.

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In the meantime, all your potential buyers will be trying to figure out how he can wiggle his way to the top of your list. Your guy has to feel like you’re the model he can live with.

One of the greatest fears in buying a new car is that if we leave the showroom, the car we really want will be snatched up by somebody else unless we make an offer right away.

The same is true for men: If he thinks you’ll be waiting around forever while he makes a decision, he’ll have no incentive to act now.

Dating Coach Lisa Daily, bestselling author of two dating books, STOP GETTING DUMPED!

TV — How do you make the best impression in just three minutes?

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