Footnotes are used for additional information on topics, sometimes giving additional citations or information on the source material that the cited source is using for support.As one commentator puts it, "there are no irrefutable clues" with respect to dating the book, such that "proposals have ranged over many centuries from before the time of Moses to the period between the testaments" (Alden, 25).Some loved it, some hated it, some despairingly suggested that a very talented female designer was selling herself short by letting a pop-psychological dating “experiment” overshadow her superb graphics skills.Whatever you thought, though, Jessica Walsh and Timothy Goodman’s project certainly got people talking.

A bibliography of all referenced works is given, and citations are in a parenthetical form with author reference to that bibliography.The pair documented the project in a dedicated blog, which you can see here.Now, the project is being turned into a book, with artwork including the project’s familiar playful hand-drawn typography, and a photographic portrait of Jessica and Tim, in which he looks not unlike Lee Ryan from Blue.According to Jessica and Tim, the book is in part a response to fans’ questioning about “what happened after Day 40.” It will include excerpts from the online journals, worst date stories, essays about love and relationships from Tim and Jessica’s friends, new artwork and information on the pair’s childhoods and lives prior to meeting one another.“In many ways, —the book—is nothing like you might expect: it’s honest, raw, funny, sad, but at the same time full of hope,” they say.

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