Dating workaholic woman

When dating a woman from Japan, you need to know that she will be looking for a good, kind, respectable man with whom to have a child at a later stage if all goes well.

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To complain about something – anything – is frowned upon and considered impolite, and because of this it’s sometimes hard to get any feedback.

Quickly recovering from almost total devastation during the Second World War, Japan today is a highly industrial country, with most if its inhabitants living in the coastal areas.

Earthquakes are frequent, fortunately most of them weak, but most of the modern buildings are constructed to be able to withstand the occasional strong earthquake, such as the quake of 2011.

They also enjoy a wide variety of sport, dancing and going to the cinema, and one of their favourite occupations is singing at a karaoke bar.

When she is married, however, things change, and her most important task will be taking care of the family – this is something at which the Japanese excel.

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