Dating wifes cousin

After my mother pointed out that we couldn’t be certain, I contacted the adoption agency and got some information from them, but it was quite limited.Then, a few months later, I decided to do a DNA test online through 23and Me.” 23is one of many providers of home DNA tests.Damian Loftus grew up in Durham, England, and has lived there for his entire life.Growing up he was surrounded by stories of his Irish heritage, but as he got older, he wanted to find out more.The tests - which are done by spitting in a tube and sending it off for analysis - tell people what percentage of different nationalities they are, and also connect you to other people you could be related to across the world.Most of the time, these are distant cousins – anywhere as distant as fourth, fifth or sixth – but when Sparber did his test, he was connected to a first cousin.Loftus went on to discover his great-grandfather was born in Sligo in 1865 Max Sparber grew up in Minnesota with two concrete pieces of information.

It was startling, because I went from knowing nothing at all to knowing everything in a matter of minutes.

He never questioned either of those facts until a conversation with his adoptive mother about a decade ago raised some questions.

“I was talking to my mother about my biological parents and she said, ‘Well we think they were Irish and English’.

Some of her friends locally knew, and the man that ended up being her first husband knew too. I spoke to her sister and she said they always suspected that there was something like that going on, but I was always a rumour until I turned up.” Sparber had previously taught a class on DNA genealogy at a historical society.

As a result, he is very aware that it can be a harrowing and upsetting experience for some people when they find out things that they may not be ready for.

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