Dating what to talk about

You might think your finances aren’t any of your partner’s business.But the reality is, when you enter into a long-term commitment with someone, you’re also tying that person into your financial life, even if just in part – so it’s important to put it all out on the table.You may find it’s easier to start the conversation by sharing your own dreams and financial goals than it is to come right out and ask your partner about theirs.

If your partner fears judgment or shame around their money habits, you can help them open up by sharing your own financial fears and mistakes.Whether it’s your potential partner’s outlook on marriage or money, the first few dates are all about feeling out their value system – getting a grasp on where they stand on the things that matter to and have the potential to affect you – money included.You don’t have to come right out and ask a bunch of deeply personal financial questions, but you should be on the lookout for cues and comments that might offer insights into your potential partners’ relationship with money, and think about how those views and behavior may or may not fit with your own.At its heart though, the commitment point is the moment you decide you want to have a serious future with your partner and they feel the same way.And it’s in that moment that you need to start digging into the financial details and start talking numbers with each other.

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