Dating vintage car radios

*Contact our toll-free expert line for JL Audio®, Wet Sounds®, Focal® and Rockford Fosgate® as we guarantee we will beat any other Authorized Retailer.Code: 19YEARS is for 10% off your purchase of select items.D&M Restoration is your One-Stop Service Center for antique, classic,vintage and muscle car gauges, clocks, (stock or quartz), radios, speedometers, tachometers, small motors (such as headlight and wiper motors), clusters, glove box doors, center gauge clusters, shifter consoles and MORE!D & M Restoration has been in the automobile instrument restoration business since 1976.Blaupunkt Frankfurt ATR de Luxe, AM/FM/Long Wave (all-transistor) (1.25*). US band radios have AM, FM, SW and/or M on the push buttons. (See the Euro and US radio band frequencies shown elsewhere on this website).Blaupunkt Koln ATR de Luxe, UKW Automatic (all-transistor) (5.00*). meaning that with very little effort, and a minor adjustment, the radio will work on either 6 volts or 12 volts in cars with the battery grounded at either the positive or the negative terminal.

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Blaupunkt Frankfurt ATR de Luxe, UKW (all-transistor) (1.25*). Radio versions without the US designation in the model name are probably Euro version radios, which work fine in the US, but Euro band radios can also be identified by the letters shown on the pushbuttons.

Blaupunkt Koln TR de Luxe, AM/FM/Long Wave Automatic (transistor). For example, a Blaupunkt Frankfurt radio with model number 7 639 670 was first manufactured in 1969 with the letter in the serial number being an "A".

Blaupunkt Koln TR de Luxe US, AM/FM/Long Wave Automatic (transistor). That same radio with the same model number was made in 1970/71 with a "B" preceding the serial number, and again in 1971/1972 with a "C" preceding the serial number.

Blaupunkt Koln TR de Luxe US, AM/FM/Long Wave Automatic (transistor). Blaupunkt Stuttgart TR, AM/SW/Long Wave (transistor). Blaupunkt Frankfurt TR de Luxe, AM/FM/Long Wave (transistor). Certain model Blaupunkt Radios were made for more than one year and bear the same model number.

Blaupunkt Frankfurt TR de Luxe US, AM/FM/Long Wave (transistor). The distinction would be determined by the letter preceding the serial number is described in the prior section.

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