Dating the mechanic

Depending on the player's choices, Cloud may go on a date with Aeris, Tifa, Yuffie (only if she has been recruited), or even Barret.

How each character is chosen is based upon a hidden value in the game's code, which cannot be viewed without hacking.

If there is a tie, the game chooses based on priority.

Aeris has top priority, followed by Tifa, then Yuffie, then Barret.

Drive safely, and the next time you face car trouble, check out Openbay.

It’ll save far more time than it would for you to find a decent mate.

You can learn how to check your own oil, or understand a well maintained vehicle is more important than dashing to your next mani/pedi.

Women and men should have an equal understanding of how much can be saved, in the long run, by maintaining a vehicle.

Plus, they probably love what they do, and that positive attitude might make for a happier mate.However, the player will lose 700 gil each time, as Yuffie robs the party once the player enters the menu.The most amount of affection points the player can get like this is 30, so the player can do it three times to benefit.It sounds like something we can all technically appreciate.National Boyfriend Day reminds us of a bunch of posts we’ve seen on social media of people seeking mechanic boyfriends. Those aging cars are in frequent need of maintenance and care, and people are looking for ways to save on auto repairs.

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