Dating someone of a different religion

Those who have a religious background have different experiences and obstacles in regards to dating.Religious dating is not the same as other kinds of dating, as there are certain expectations and limits that are in place.There are many ways to meet others when you are looking for someone who is religious.By meeting in a religious setting, you are much more likely to meet someone that meets your religious needs.My wife is Catholic but not super serious about it. My wife is religious (not very but enough) and I am not. Dedication ceremony was very important to her so I said why not. It's not my cup of tea but it is hers so I do it. I married a Christian woman and we have a daughter. Everything was fine with happy times until we had our daughter. Talk about how you would bring up children together, then you can make a pretty accurate assessment of where the marriage could go.These expectations and limits have a great impact on dating. Religious dating only works if both people are devout in their beliefs. People must also be a part of the beliefs they support.

Facebook study author Mike Develin does note a possible selection bias that may be skewing the numbers: their study uses people’s self-identified religious statuses on Facebook, and those who broadcast their beliefs may be more devout, and therefore less likely to intermarry.Another way to take part in religious dating is through religious groups.If you are a part of a religious group, you could find someone to date within that group.Take the United Kingdom, which is 40% Protestant, 17% Catholic, 15% atheist and 11% Muslim: if religion played no role, the odds suggest that only about one in five relationships would be between people of the same religion. In even more religiously diverse countries like Singapore and Taiwan, more than 90% of people are in relationships with people they might meet at their mosque, temple, or church. In the United States, Mormons and Sikhs are the most likely to stay within their religions—making up some 90% of those groups’ relationships.Jews, despite making up a larger part of the population (and therefore having more same-religion options) are much more likely to date and marry outside their faith.

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