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But do not worry, even if you’re new to the dating app.We will see in detail how Tinder works to use it wisely. The first step is to have a Facebook account, because the social network is necessary for the operation of Tinder.), Tinder is one of the few platforms to offer you this opportunity.Its features are so rudimentary that they allow you to visit profiles one after the other in record time, and sort those that appeal to you in a single swipe!

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The like is when you validate the profile of a girl you like. And when there is reciprocity, that is to say, a girl you have liked to like you in return, there is Match.You can arrange the order, add or delete as you wish. As for a book, we will be interested in content only if it is beautiful and intriguing.Be sure to put the best picture you have available.To get matches, it’s simple: just like all the girls you like and leave your profile and the chance to do the rest. Finally, if you get a match with a girl, a new feature will unlock, allowing you to chat with it.There, you could tell that it’s in your pocket …But, beware: winning a battle is not winning the war!

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