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Gardner explains that these are the tribal gods of the witches, just as the Egyptians had their tribal gods Isis and Osiris and the Jews had Elohim; he also states that a being higher than any of these tribal gods is recognised by the witches as Prime Mover, but remains unknowable, and is of little concern to them.

The Goddess is often seen as having a triple aspect; that of the maiden, mother and crone.

Traditionally in Wicca, the Goddess is seen as the Triple Goddess, meaning that she is the maiden, the mother and the crone.

Gardner's explanation aside, individual interpretations of the exact natures of the gods differ significantly, since priests and priestesses develop their own relationships with the gods through intense personal work and revelation. inside my being was a Witch on one side (arms folded), and a Christian on the other (hands in prayer), one was my birth signature (I was born a Witch), and the other was born of my love affair with the Ascended Master Christ... So I HAD to find a solution, an integration, an internal peace-making. I shared it online, for any other Christian Witches who may have found themselves living with a tortured soul like me.The divine couple in Wicca, with the Lady as Diana, the moon goddess, and the Lord as Pan, the horned god of the wild Earth.This kind of dualism is common to various religions; for example, Taoism, where it is represented through yin and yang, and Hinduism, where the lingam and the yoni are symbols of the sacred sexual union of a supreme god and goddess (often Shiva and Shakti).Ontological dualism is distinct from moral dualism in that moral dualism posits a supreme force of good and a supreme force of evil. In Wicca, the God is seen as the masculine form of divinity, and the polar opposite, and equal, to the Goddess.

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